EPS (Expanding Polystyrene) Cladding is an Insulated Wall Panel that combines exterior cladding with insulation so designers can achieve the 6 star energy ratings that have been introduced into the building code. This is a lightweight, energy efficient product and once coated the system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish. It’s affordability and easy install makes it a preferred cladding on houses, ensuring building remains quick and cost effective.

We prefer to use NRG Greenboard for all our EPS requirements. It’s a leading brand of EPS ensuring a quality product and finish are provided.


Insulation Qualities

All insulation materials are rated for their performance in restricting heat transfer. This rating is expressed as an R-value which is a measure of the material’s resistance to heat transfer (thermal resistance). The higher the R-value the greater insulating effect.

Total Wall R-value for using Greenboard™

Thickness (mm)





R-value on total wall

1.92 R

2.44 R

2.83 R

3.48 R


Sound Rating

NRG Building Systems has tested 60mm Greenboard™ total wall system and the acoustic performance result was Rw35,Ctr-6. Please refer to NRG test results. The Greenboard™ walling system can be further enhanced by using a “sound rated” insulation batt. Please refer to insulation manufacturer’s specifications.


Fire Retardant

Greenboard™ contains a flame retardant additive and will not support fire, it has a spread of flame index of zero. If in a fire situation the toxic fumes are no greater than that of timber and other building materials.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is manufactured from cement, sand (Silica), lime and water, it is aerated by adding an expanding agent to the mixture to form small, finely-dispersed air bubbles. The expanding chemical reaction combined with the Autoclaved process is what gives AAC its unique properties.

AAC has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic absorption properties. It has superior fire resistance qualities and is also termite resistant. Its properties and specifications satisfy all relevant building codes. Working with AAC is easy and efficient. AAC is both versatile and economical, AAC meets the diverse demands better than any other material due to the numerous advantages of its physical and mechanical properties. The resulting product weighs about one quarter of standard concrete and can be cut, drilled, routed and shaped as required using hand or power tools.

AAC is another great alternative to bricks, and Lightweight Cladding services would be more than happy to help you in all your AAC needs.


We offer internal and external painting. We have in house, licensed painting contractors that can service all your painting needs. Lightweight cladding systems can fully quote and service all your painting needs.


We offer render alongside all of our cladding systems to help you streamline your cladding needs. Render provides the final coating system to enable us to offer fully warranted packages as outlined below.


NRG Sunhoods & Blades, will enhance the architectural appearance of modern building design, whilst providing both ‘shading’ and ‘weather’ protection over windows and doors.

NRG Sunhood & Blades designed simplicity, allows for speedy installation and finished with an extensive choice of textures and colour finishes. They can either be pre coated and installed, or coated after installation.

Install & Coating Packages

We provide full packages for all cladding requirements. These packages come with warranties to ensure peace of mind for you and your customers.